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    Capri and the charm of the Faraglioni

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    Discover the hidden beauty of the islands and natural parks

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    Around the city


What is DiscoverNapoliDestinations?

It's a new way of discovering Naples and the Campania region through the organization of bespoke itineraries. We will introduce you to the multi-faceted, unusual and surprising things to see and do in this fascinating region and which can't be missed by the discerning traveler. Each personalized itinerary will be tailored only on our guests? particular interests, so as to create a truly unique and unforgettable trip. continue

  • The great classics? with something more

    A day spent shopping in the famous boutiques in the narrow alleys of Positano,  a private concert on a terrace at sunset, overlooking the magnificent, unique view of the Faraglioni on the isle of Capri, the religious processions on the sea of Sorrento, tour Pompei or Herculaneum under the guidance of professors of archeology who will unveil all the hidden significance of a lost civilization… the unusual, the exclusive, the particular details of these world-famous sites.

  • Relax and enjoy

    What do you really like to do?  Hit the fashionable night life spots, savor the world-celebrated local cuisine, get seats for an opera at the majestic S. Carlo theater, enjoy a wine tasting tour of the Campania wines, celebrated all the way back in Roman times?  Or would you like to organize  a fantastically unique romantic honeymoon'

  • Around the city

    We will guide you to discover the incredibly beautiful cities of Campania:  Naples, of course, with its immense historical and artistic heritage, Caserta, home of the incredibly magnificent Royal Palace, Avellino and Benevento, where excellent wine is produced and beautiful artifacts are still made by hand following ancient techniques and Salerno, with its amazing coast and history.

  • Nature lovers

    Keep in shape at our many thermal spas, many of which were already in use during the Roman empire, visit our wildlife parks in which the vegetation has remained untouched for centuries and our protected marine reserves in which you can snorkel or sail on the trail of Ulysses, exploring grottoes of incredible colors, and for sports enthusiasts, enjoy the many possibilities we have to offer with a background of unparalleled beauty.

Personal Concierge

We will make you feel cared for and pampered as you want!

For a totally stress-free holiday our optional "Personal Concierge" service which includes a series of additional exclusive possibilities designed to help you enjoy your stay without worrying about any details. We will pamper you and make your stay memorable, relaxing and unique. Leave it all up to us!… continue